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Adhesives, Abrasives, Paint, Glue, Oil & Other Industrial
Auxiliary Machinery & Equipment
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Boring / Drilling / Mortising /Sanding / Polishing Machines
Build-in Parts, Lighting Solutions for Interior Works
Ceilings, Walls, and Accessories
Covering Materials, Leather & Fabrics
Cutting, Sawing, Splitting, Slicing, Bending Machines
Fitting, Structural Parts, Built-in Parts, Lighting Solution
Foam, Plastics & PVC Materials
Forming and Sanding Machinery
Hardware Supplies
Installation Tools, & Insulating Underlays
Joining, Assembly, Coating Machinery & Plant
Machine, Tools, & Aids for the Upholstery & Bedding Industry Processing
Machinery and Plant for the Conditioning of Wood, Wood Materials, & Surface
Machinery for Wood Interiors
Machines, Tools, Equipment & Aids for Surface Treatment
Materials and Components for Furniture Production
Materials & Finished Parts for Interior Fitting
Measuring / Testing Equipment
Moulding, Planning, Forming Machines & Lathe
Natural wood, Panels/Boards, Veneer, Materials for Furniture Production
Portable Machines, Tools, Cutting Tools and Aids
Portable Machines, Tools, Equipment and Aids for Interior Works
Semi-Finished Products for Cabinet, Office & Modular Furniture
Semi-Finished Products for Upholstery, Mattress & Bed Manufacturing Industry
Software for Woodworking & Furniture Production
Supplies and Materials for the Production of Kitchen & Bathroom Furniture
Surface Treatment & Finishing Tools and Products
Testing & Measuring Equipment for Upholstery & Bedding
Upholstery Materials, Articles & Accessories
Windows, Doors, & Gates Manufacturing Machineries, Supplies and Accessories
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