We feel that Indonesia is definitely ready for the high industrial market. As we can see, customer response is very good. Felder is very happy to be here, in Indonesia and we are looking forward for the great future.

Mrs. Carina Kobler and Mr. George Lunarso, FELDER GROUP

We started working in Indonesia since participating in IFMAC last year. We intent to expand much more with this show. It was a good fair, we will for sure have bigger business in Indonesia as Indonesia is a market which is growing as we can see from our customers.

Mr. Simon Cabanac, J.LALANNE SAS

There is a big potential to grow in Indonesia and we are optimistic of the growth of the economy hence we are here. We are here to look for a partner to sell more products and to grow together.


We are trying to expand our business relations with Indonesian companies. We try to find more end users who can import products directly and to establish relations with distributors. It is very Important to have a large consumer base because there are a lot of players in Indonesian furniture manufacturing market.

Mr. Thibaud Le Moign, FRENCH TIMBER

This exhibition is really beneficial. Evaluating from the first day until now, we have reached 40% of our target. We met with business partners and prospects as well, so this event has really helped to expose our company.

Mr. Andreas Samudro, PT. DOVER CHEMICAL

We are very surprise with how the exhibition turned out where there are lots of visitors coming in not only from Jakarta, but also from the region of Central Java and Surabaya as well. We are very happy with this outcome and really looking forward to next year.

Mr. Robert Hensby, Director of Homag Asia Pte Ltd

Certainly this show has been very impressive for us where the audience here is very high quality with lots of interest being shown to our American products and most definitely we will come back again next year.

Mr. Josep Phaneuf, AHEC (American Hardwood Export Council)

Our goals here are to meet new customers and showing them our good machinery. Visitors are good, come up with a lot of interesting buyers here. Indonesia is a big market for furniture industry, for sure we will join again next year.

Mr. Dennis Christensen, BSA (Brush Sanding Asia) Group

Overall this exhibition is very good. We could meet potential new customers here and we will join again in the next IFMAC and WOODMAC.

Mr. Shuan Yu Hou & Mr. Stefan Naef, Sales Manager of Simalfa

We believe that Indonesia is a very important country that can act as a door-opener to expand to new market in the region. We have been in this exhibition for three years and ever since, we have seen this the exhibition grow more and more in line with the benefit that this exhibition has brought to us.

Mr. Sindoro & Mr. Erik, Director of Presisi Teknik, PT/Uddeholm

We have been in Indonesia selling our machines for over 25 years; therefore this show is very important for us to keep in contact with our current customers.

Mr. Vit Kafka, Managing Director of Altendorf Asia Sdn Bhd

We have made quite a major deal from our two-day participation here in this exhibition. Indonesia is a big market for furniture industry so we confident that this industry will keep growing. Next year we will join again with twice space more bigger than now.

Mr. Adi Gunawan, Manager of Alpha Utama Mandiri, PT

We have in Indonesia for the last 10 years offering our high-quality machinery along with its services. We are very happy to participate in this event. Through this event, we are able to keep in contact with our current customers, and of course, we are also able to expand our customer base by getting new customers. It's a huge success for us, and we will definitely come back next year.

Mr. Max Theobald, Regional Technical Manager of Leitz Tooling Indonesia, PT

We are here to find a distributor agent for our products and we believe that Indonesia is an essential trade center. We are satisfied with the exhibition and our booth is getting great potential visitors which hopefully can bring us to make major deals.

Mr. Tolga Tunaligil, Export Manager of Tece Dekor AS

These couple days, I think overall this exhibition is very crowded, moreover we are able to find our potential customers. In conclusion, we are very satisfied with this exhibition.

Mr. Simon, Sales Manager of Foshan Team Value Decorative Materials Co., Ltd

We join IFMAC to increase our sales and showing our new product this year. We satisfied with the visitors and got many potential buyers and sure we will join again next year.

Mr. Rakhel Rahawanto, S.E, Manager of Anto Indo Foam

We are here to show our products which supply to furniture producers to improve their quality production. We met a lot potential customers and sure we will join again next year.

Mr. Aldo Mare, International Area Sales Responsible of Milesi (Qualitech Indopiranti, PT)

This is our first time join in IFMAC & WOODMAC. We got more customers than we expect and we will join again next year.

Mr. Todd Cheng, President of Niceco Group

We have good experience here and we are satisfied with the visitors and buyers in this exhibition.

Mr. Eddy Budiono, President and CEO of Abadi Indorona, PT